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   Ϸ ߴ Ƹ

   ð ִٴ ̰

   Ƹٿ ϷԴϴ




   Ϸ ƽ Դϴ


   ʰھ Ƹٿ Ϸ

   ȸ ʰھ ƽ Ϸ

   ϴÿ ó ǰھ




   ٴ ǰھ @



Today to You

Juaih. Sang C Rey


   Even if I can't count what I've done today

   That I can think of you at this time

   it's a beautiful day for me


   I can love you more

   I can give you more

   I'm just sorry for this lack of day


   I won't forget this beautiful day

   I won't regret this sad day

   I will be a star in your heart like a star in the wide sky


   If today goes and tomorrow becomes today

   I love you more

   I will forever be the beating heart of your heart @