־. ̻

ϴ Ƶ!

ƹ ƹ ߴ ó

ݱ ׷ ƺ ȴ

ƺ ִ θ ޴´ٸ

ƺ ϴ´

ʽ ƶ

ȥ ʿϴٰ ϴ ض

Ӹ ϳ

Ե ˸

ƺ ȸ ó


ƺ Ⱥθ ŵ

ִٰ ϰ ϰŵ

ø ϰڴٰ ض


ó ó

ִ θ ϰ ƶ



̻ó @


Last request

                    JuAh. Sang C Rey


Dear son!

Just as Jesus obeyed Abba Father

I know you will obey dad's last words as you have been


One day

If Dad is called by the Lord

I believe you will do what your dad said


Don't think of a funeral

Donate all soulless bodies where they say and need it.

Don't keep even any hair


Don't let anyone know

Like dad went to the general conference

Don't try to leave any father's mark


When someone asks you how to say hello

You say his fine, if someone want to meet

Tell them I'll contact you when he come.


Dont be alteration because of Dad

Yesterday is like today, today is like tomorrow

Think of the Lord's Call and Live


The way Dad goes

The way of the Lord

Like a mover who left without a trace @