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ð ̶ ִ ȥ Ų ø Ͻɵ մϴ.


ִԲ ֽ ̱⿡


JuAh. Sang C Rey



Thank you.

I don't know what to start with, but I have nothing more to say than thanks

Even now, I can say thank you to the Lord and thank you so much for just being able to express it.

Anyone can write, but thank you for allowing me to write this.

Clear air, high sky and white clouds, also thank you the beautiful, cool branches and the small birds singing on them and the sound of their praise.

The adorable son and daughter who gave me a joy, my child's Gloria and Enoch are bothersome and affectionate loving wife.


Thank you for giving me a heart to thank you for this time and the celebration of my soul.

Because it was only given by the Lord