Sometimes life seems to unwind like an enormous brown ball of string.

Every morning you roll out of bed, pick up the string where you dropped it

the night before - and off you go.  

Today seems pretty much the same as yosterday.

One more day, one more length of string - and that big brown ball just keeps unwinding . . .

But some days aren't like that at all.

They don't unwind like string; they land like a brick.

One thing happens, and everything changes.

It could be . . .

* a phone call,

* a move to a new town.

* something someone says or does,

* a decision,

* an accident.


Whatever it is, that one thing changes your life, maybe for the better, maybe not.

It's like you turned a corner and walked smack into a world you've never seen before.

This book is about one thing - a little prayer that will change your life.

Sometimes I think of this prayer as an invisible revolution

because it starts so deep inside you.

You change what you know; then you change how you think and feel;

then you change what you ask God for and what you expect.

It all feels so mysterious and out of sight . . . but then one day - zap!

You look around ("Hey, did a brick just land around here?")

and you realize your life has changed . . . and it's a whole lot better!

If you've ever thought that your life should be about more than just unwinding

another day's worth of brown string, you're ready to meet a man named Jabez

(I pronounce that Jay-bez, but you can say it any way you like).

When Jabez was still trying to decide what kind like what he saw.

He looked at who he was.  

He didn't like what he saw.  

He looked at what he had to work with and who his family was and

what tomorrow might bring, and he didn't like any of it.

He felt like a nobody with no future.

He probably could have described himself right then with words like boring,

loser, or just plain stupid.

But he didn't.

Instead, he did one thing.  He prayed a simple prayer.

I want to tell you more about this man named Jabez and his prayer,

but first I want to ask you something.

Are you ready to do one thing today that could change you life

from ordinary to extraordinary?

If so, keep reading.  

The Prayer of Jabez for Teens is going to show you what happens

when young people decide to reach for an amazing life.

As it turns out, that's exactly the kind of life God promises.

Let me show you what I mean . . .

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